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  Clinical Trial Phase Eligible Participant Official Title Location Drugs in Trial Results
NCT04377087IIPlatinum sensitive ovarian cancer with response to most recent Pt-based therapy (maintenance)Phase IIA Trial of Delayed Initiation of Olaparib Maintenance Therapy in Platinum Sensitive Recurrent Ovarian CancerPAView Drugs
Drug(s) in Trial Other Drug Names Main Known Action Drug Status
OlaparibAZD2281, LynparzaPARP inhibitorApproved in Ovarian Cancer
NCT04804007IIGerm cell tumors after treatment with high-dose chemotherapy (HDCT) and peripheral-blood stem-cell transplant (PBSCT) (maintenance)Randomized Phase 2 Trial of Maintenance Oral Etoposide or Observation Following High-dose Chemotherapy for Relapsed Metastatic Germ-Cell TumorINView Drugs
Drug(s) in Trial Other Drug Names Main Known Action Drug Status
EtoposideVePesid, Toposar, Lastet, epipodophyllotoxinTopoisomerase II inhibitor
NCT02737787IRecurrent NY-ESO-1+ ovarian cancer with CR in second or greater remissionA Phase I Study of Concomitant WT1 Analog Peptide Vaccine or NY-ESO-1 Overlapping Peptides Vaccine in Combination With Nivolumab in Patients With Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Who Are in Second or Greater RemissionNJ, NYView Drugs View Results
Drug(s) in Trial Other Drug Names Main Known Action Drug Status
NivolumabBMS-936558, ONO-4538, MDX-1106, Anti-PD-1 human mab MDX-1106, OpdivoBlocks PD-L1/2 inhibition of T cellsApproved in Other Cancers
NY-ESO1 OLP4 vaccineImmune response against cancer expressing NY-ESO-1Clinical Trials

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